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AnIolairGhorm: about CV in the game

Submarines in World of Warships? 

and we did not even finish the discussion about carriers!

"Remove them from the game"↔ "It's too late now. They should have never been added in the first place."↔"What OP? None of mine are OP! Rockets do very little damage & no fires, bombs. Occasionally a crit hit, no fires little damage. Torps no floods."

Everybody got a strong opinion about CV in the World of Warships game, myself included.
But it seems that there is an overall negative feeling towards these Carriers in the game, to be honest, the time period, the world of warships ships are situated in, come from a carrier heavy(domination) era.

To be honest from the beginning of the game these carrier ships have been most wanted(besides the Yamato of course). These ships are not easy to master but when you do you can have an impact on the game positive and or negative(depends what side you are on) But it is inevitable Carriers are here to stay! So now we have another hot issue submarines.. but first, what does AnIolairGhrom Think!

If I were to change one thing, it would be to have some method for carrier players to actively and directly engage opposing carrier aircraft.

The efficacy of the current fighter consumable is questionable at best. Also, any request from players for AA support from carriers is largely useless, and WG should get rid of the F-key spam requesting AA support.

Longer rant on the CV debate:
* "CVs are too powerful" vs "CVs have been nerfed into the ground"
* "Take CVs out of the game" vs "I like playing with and against CVs"
* "Go back to RTS" vs "RTS made CVs too powerful"

Given that there's so much contradicting opinion means WG may actually be striking a good balance in CV's level of influence.

During the last CC summit earlier this summer, WG showed unequivocally that CVs continue to be the most powerful class in the game (Flamu's question on the point during the Q&A with the development team: video).

So long as CVs are in the game, and provided they have some means to be successful, they will remain the most powerful class. They have the fastest vessels (airplanes), largest range (full map), and guided attacks.

To me, the only meaningful discussion point is whether they should be present in the game at all. I can understand the point that CVs increase the complexity of the game dynamics, and some players (much) prefer a more predictable experience, especially for destroyer players.

I have misgivings, however, about offering a "no CV game" option for players since the playing population is too small, and it would set a precedent for other opt-out variations (no radar, no destroyers, no hydro, etc.).

I personally like the challenge and influence that carriers present, but because they remain the most powerful class, carrier player skill gap continues to be among the most critical issues unsolved by the new game mode. That likely cannot be affected by changes to the game.

by:An Iolair Ghorm

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