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World of Warships submarines

Submarines impressions

by SnipeySnipes


The subs are a nice addition to the game so far, even in their “Work in Progress” state. The visuals that have been designed for underwater are outstanding and the controls are concise and easy to use – though still takes some getting used to. 
Further, the skill necessary to make torpedo hits worth while gives this new ship type a bit more clout that I would have originally thought. You need to play these ships strategically, even more so than with a destroyer due to your fragility, choosing your targets wisely and sneaking up on them correctly. 
Map awareness will be key in avoiding detection by other ships and aircraft. Once your target has been chosen, you need to predict their behavior for your torpedo line-up, such as with a destroyer, but now you need to ping the bow and stern targets to maximize your damage. 
While the first ping initiates homing, and the second sends the torpedoes ‘deep’ to avoid the torpedo protection allowing for ‘citadel’ hits, you have also alerted that ship to your presence and incoming torpedoes. 
That’s where the skill gap will exist. Good players will not only be able to hit each target consistently with 1 ping each, they would have predicted that players reactive maneuvers with the initial torpedo line-up to ensure a solid strike.
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