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Greetings, folks! Welcome to the Naval Alliance—we're glad you've stopped by.

I am an active player of World of Warships having started in August 2016, just as 0.5.10 was made available with the arrival of the German battleships. In the game, I am a cruiser main and also play destroyers regularly, with a strong focus on tactics.

You've likely noticed my unusual username, "An Iolair Ghorm", which means "the Blue Eagle" in Scots Gaelic, a nod to my Scottish ancestry. Most people address me as simply "iolair", the "eagle" portion of my username, which is pronounced "EE-lar" (stress on the first syllable).

I have a well-established YouTube channel where I post game replays with a heavy emphasis on good game practices, teachable moments, solid tactics, and fair play. You can check out my channel here: YouTube
You can also find me on Discord, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter—links available from the About section of my YouTube channel.

I encourage you to check out all members of the Naval Alliance, all of whom post videos on YouTube, and many of whom also stream. We are a good-natured team of players who welcome your engagement with our group.

Thanks again for stopping by, and I wish you happy sailing!


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