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  1. Ahoy and welcome!!! As with most of the Alliance Members, I'm a smaller streamer and YouTube Content Creator. World of Warships is my main game with dalliances to other games from time to time. I'm a history buff, and enjoy how WoWS ties in with that side of me.
    Check out the other members of the group, as they are all fine folks and it's always good to get various viewpoints on the game, tactics, ships, and game play, with a good portion of history thrown in the mix as well.

    Grab a beer ( if that's to your taste) and set down for awhile.

  2. Alright,
    The last few weeks have been a pretty heady bunch. While the YouTube Channel has gotten a little attention, The Twitch channel has been my main focus. Hopefully I'll be able to record a few episodes for the YouTube channel to have in reserve and dole out 1 a week or so.
    Wednesdays are an on again off again experiment of live streaming on youtube, so keep your eyes on approx 7-8pm California time if you're primarily a YouTube viewer.
    And do check out the other folks on here. Lots of quality and styles. Enough so there's someone here for pretty much each type of player/viewer.
    Carry on,
    The Capt'n