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Hello there, nice of you to show up here and take a look at my personal info.
My name is Ronnie, but you know me here as Casual Captain

One of my passions is gaming and especially world of warships, I liked it so much that it seemed a good idea to start and make some videos on YouTube, to share with you all! Did you know I have a channel there? It is called Casual Captain. And you can find it here : <O>

Because of my YouTube work I did get to meet the other members of the Naval Alliance, they are great people with as much love for this game as I do, if you like you can check them out  here! >0<

We like to help and inform you in any way we can and bring you some joy and pleasure with our work, or at least you take something positive from it.

We hope to see you here from time to time to check it out what new stuff we made for you, so please check in again. And if we may be so bold to ask: sub to our channels and here from us when we make some new video or go live on Twitch!

Fair winds and Following  Seas!  #PlayLikeShare

Casual Captain proud member of The Naval Alliance

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